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Our developmentally appropriate curriculum inspires children to love learning by instilling positive attitudes and motivation, teaching strong basic learning skills, introducing a wide variety of disciplines, and fostering early social skills.
The manner in which activities are integrated into the daily program is as important as their content. Both developmental and educational issues are addressed by creating a school environment in which children become effective members of a group: they can initiate and direct their own play, make new friends, and trust adults to help them. The positive outcome of these developmental tasks is that a child is prepared to become a creative and effective thinker who is able to attend to the tasks of learning at school.


Our curriculum for two- to four-year-olds is based on the developmental needs of young children in all aspects of growth: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.  Individual differences in young children are great; therefore, we have created a program that readily accommodates these differences.  

Here, exposure to a wide variety of materials and open-ended, hands-on activities ignites the curiosity and creativity of our youngest students and enable them to wonder, explore, discover, and make sense of their world.

With purposeful design, students learn in warm, secure classroom spaces that invite students to develop peer connections and a sense of ownership over their learning environment.  

Small groups provide the safety and stimulation that students need to learn to share, make choices, solve problems, and resolve differences, build skills and experience success.


In Kindergarten, we continue to focus on the multiple aspects of students’ learning and growth — social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative.  Our teachers nurture students’ love of learning, encourage their growing independence and sense of responsibility, and help them refine their concentration and their ability to follow through on commitments.  The Kindergarten curriculum evolves from students’ needs, interests, and imagination.  Hands-on experiences are the heart of all learning. Our Kindergartners enjoy regular opportunities for exploring and experimenting with a vast array of interesting and challenging materials, both indoors and outdoors. Concrete materials help students to explore logical reasoning, math relationships, and patterns and to build creations that expand spatial perceptions. We foster the beginning skills of reading and writing.


Bridges Academy’s academic program for its grade school stimulates independent thinking and a love of learning that goes far beyond the classroom. Classes are small and engaging. Friendly first-name relationships between students and teachers contribute to an atmosphere of mutual respect in which students learn to take themselves and their ideas seriously.
Our approach to education is based on the premise that all children want to learn, and that all children learn best when they are a part of the process and when learning is relevant to their lives. We strive to create an environment in which children learn how to take risks, think critically, make decisions, focus on tasks, organize and apply knowledge appropriately.  All of this must take place in an atmosphere that is safe, warm, loving, exciting and rich in content.

From Grades One through Three, students are exposed to rich experiences that allow them to ponder, question, reflect upon, and refine their thinking. A combined focus on learning collaboratively and gaining individual skills helps students to understand concepts deeply. The use of essential questions helps students connect specific information to broader ideas.  We invite students to make choices and then to reflect upon the choices they make. We expect children to be respectful and considerate of others, to balance the needs of others with the needs of self, and to work collaboratively with a wide range of individuals.

The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade levels build upon the academic foundation laid in the earlier years.  Basic skills are solidified as students expand their knowledge of literature, social studies, mathematics, science, modern language, health, visual arts, music, theater, woodworking and physical education.  
Bridges Academy students leave Sixth Grade with a strong sense of who they are, both as learners and as members of our society. They are characterized by resilience, self-reliance, social aptitude, and a love of learning for its own sake.

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